Elegance With Comfort

Eye catching Sneakers, perfect for toddlers

It all began when our owner, DeVita Ledgister, was preparing to attend a Patti LaBelle concert. Earlier, she had bought a light knit swing, gray A-line dress. Wanting to accessorize, she looked in her jewelry box and found a pair of white pearls which she fashioned into a shirt collar. 

DeVita also had a stylish purse to go with the getup, and by this time, all she needed was a pair of matching shoes. With comfort in mind, she bought canvas sneakers.

The lady had the imagination — she went to a local art supply store to buy glue, half pearls, and a gray ribbon. DeVita used the gray ribbon as shoestrings to accent the gray dress, and off to the concert, she went.

During the intermission, the DJ played lots of dance tunes, and DeVita danced throughout the aisles. Women started noticing her outfit, pointing particularly to her shoes. Soon, they began approaching her to ask where she got her shoes.

Finding business opportunity amid the party, she asked them how much they would pay for a pair. Surprisingly enough, each person named the same price. The rest is history, and now, FANCY FEET by DeVita offers custom shoes to clients through the internet.