Elegance With Comfort

Custom Made women sneakers-footwear

Why give up style for comfort and why have comfort without style? Shop for shoes at FANCY FEET by DeVita and add sparkle to your outfit. We offer a 10% discount for first-time buyers who submit the coupon code.

Made to Order

Choose your color (s), size, and design pattern, and we will make the perfect pair of shoes for you. Just give us three weeks for delivery. Sizes and prices are as follows:

Children sizes(1- 12) $49.99

  • Adult ( 5- 8 ) $125.00
  • Adult (9 -12) $145.00

All pairs include your choice of colored ribbon and regular white shoestrings.

You can select up to two colors (additional color: $6.00).

You can select up to three different designs.

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